About Us

Electrician working

Formed in the heartland of CNC manufacturing, just minutes from Cincinnati, we set our permanent roots down for Diamond Machine Tool in 2008 with the goal of networking and ensuring the success of our partners past, present and future in the machining industry.  Using skills learned from decades of working on CNC and manual machines we have acquired techs with knowledge spanning many different makes and models of CNC machines, with all the small nuances that come with different controls and options that can be installed on CNC machines.

Our Core Values

Safety - Above all things, know your job and limitations.  Perform your duties in a safe manner.

Accountability - Be responsible for your actions.

 Integrity - Be honest with your day-to-day activities and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

 Leadership - Set the example and take the initiative at all levels in a timely and decisive manner, be willing to do what you ask others to do.

 Quality - Take pride in your work by doing the best you can.  Leave the customers feeling proud that their problems take priority.

 Respect - Be cooperative by being sensitive to others needs, respect the workplace and the customs and practices on-site.