Onsite emergency Diagnostic Repair

Our techs will diagnose the issues with the machine, clearing any alarms step-by-step to get you back up and running quickly.  If we find more problems that could appear in the near future we alert you to those and repair them before they happen.

We walk you through the steps we take to repair issues, and give tips on how to prevent issues from arising in the future.

Get quotes for replacement parts, if needed.  Checking our inventory for parts for those times when budget takes priority.

Leave the machine in better condition than when we arrived.

Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Using comprehensive checklists we go over all aspects of the machine.  Electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and Lubrication.

Using this system extends the life of your machine, as well as detects problems before they become costly repairs down the line.

Machines are cleaned, chip managment eliminates build up at key points, oils are changed, ball screws examined, along with linear guides and all other systems.

PM programs and schedules can be designed to fit your needs, to minimize down time and maximize your productivity.  Contact us to have a tech walk you through the Preventative Maintenance Program and answer any questions you may have, or to set up an evaluation to have a tech come and evaluate your machines and design a PM Program tailored to fit your companies needs.

Machinery Evaluation and Inspections / Installation and Relocation

Looking to buy or sell your machines?  Need a thorough inspection to ensure you get top dollar or save you from buying a lemon.  Our thorough checklist will examine all aspects of the machine, as well as the operation to ensure that no major repairs will be needed on the buyer/sellers part upon the completion of the sale.

Backlash, Center Line, Turret Rotation, Tool Measures (if applicable) and Control are all checked as are hydraulic systems, electrical systems, pneumatic and lubrication systems.

If requested, videos and photos can be added to our report showing machine operation to give you a clear picture of the condition of the machine.  With each evalutation of the machine you will receive a report of our findings ensuring you have all the information you need to buy or sell with confidence.

Alignments and Leveling

Using skills learned from working on a variety of different manufacturers mills and lathes we can align your spindles, tailstocks, headstocks and turrets to get you cutting back on center in no time.

Using Laser and Ball Bar technologies we can align with high precision, and give you reports of our findings and the steps we took to get you back to work quicker. 

On-site Training of Maintenance Personnel

We tailor a teaching curriculum to fit the needs of your company.  Setting up a schedule to come to your location and train your maintenance personnel on the machines they will be working on everyday to ensure they know the operation and repair skills they need to keep you running.  We give them skills learned from years of hands-on experience along with certifications we've acquired over the years from investing in our employees education to ensure that the knowledge and tools used to diagnose and repair machines are used effeciently to eliminate downtime. 

Some other Services we Provide

Electrical Component Repair / Replacement

Testing of Breakers, Contactors, Thermals and Relays.


Damaged / Malfunctioning Controls

Servo Motors / Drives


Power Supplies 

Hydraulic System Repair / Replacement

Hoses, Valves and Fittings


Motors and Pumps 

Spindle Rebuilding 

Ballscrew Repair Services

Motor Rebuilding


Worn out components 

RS232 Installation and Support 

Installation and Training 

Don't see what your looking for, Contact us, and if we are unable to accomadate you we will gladly direct you to a company that can.